Perrysburg Service Committee recommends fix for Ohio 199, Eckel Junction intersection

Perrysburg’s Service Committee recommended 3-0 Wednesday that the city accept bids to install a traffic light at Route 199 and the northern section of Eckel Junction. Council members Becky Williams, Barry VanHoozen and Rick Rettig each spoke on a need for urgency with the project due to frequent traffic crashes in the area.

Left turns from northbound Route 199 to Eckel Junction create dangerous situations when drivers travel on the bridge over Interstate 75. Without a turn lane there, it’s not uncommon for drivers to pass other vehicles on the shoulder if traffic is backed up.

Rettig said the work should be done "as quickly as possible," and VanHoozen suggested it should be sped up, if that’s an option. "It needs to be done," Williams said.

City Engineer Doug Dariano said a temporary signal will move northbound and southbound traffic through a single lane during construction, while Eckel Junction will be closed.

Also this summer, the Ohio Department of Transportation will install a roundabout at Route 199 and Carronade Drive. Wood County will build a roundabout at Hull Prairie and Roachton roads, and ODOT is installing a diverging diamond on the Ohio 25 bridge over Interstate 475.

"They’ve got us plugged into a specific timeframe to try to minimize the pain, but it’s going to be very painful here this summer getting around," Dariano said.

Council budgeted a total of $513,000 for the project.

Also on Wednesday, the committee recommended the city apply for two roadwork grants through the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments.

One project would add several improvements to Indiana Avenue and Ohio 25, including a right turn-only lane from westbound Indiana. Dariano said the project is estimated at $1.4 million, $1.12 million of which would be paid for with a grant.

The other project would create a signalized intersection at Route 25 and Preston Parkway near Levis Commons and the plaza that includes Scrambler Marie’s. The committee recommended seeking a $476,000 grant for 80 percent of the construction costs.

Preston Parkway is right in, right out only, and another full entrance and exit are needed due to expanding development in Levis, Dariano said.

Fort Meigs Boulevard is on the east side across Route 25 at the intersection with Preston, where a traffic signal will be installed. To the south, Harold Street would become right in, right out only.

• Recommended a $758,277 contract with Bowers Asphalt & Paving for summer street resurfacing.

Though council budgeted $1.5 million this year, nearly half of that was "whittled away" by design fees and road work needed on sewer separation streets, one of which requires full-depth replacement, said Jon Eckel, director of public service.

• Agreed to seek bids for summer pavement marking, such as center and edge lines. There is $95,000 in the budget, Eckel said.

• Heard Eckel report that the city will save $15,000 this year by contracting for brush to be dropped off at Renewed Outdoors on Ohio 25, rather than the city facility on Roachton Road. Perrysburg is paying a flat fee of $10,000, rather than the $25,000 it usually costs to run the program, Eckel said.