Perrysburg, Maumee square off in fishing tournament

(Source: WTOL)


The sixth annual Maumee vs. Perrysburg Walleye Tournament took place Saturday at Sidecut Metro Park.

Students, staff and alumni were invited to take part in the tournament this morning.

Everyone met at 10 a.m. then set off to their own locations to try and catch as many fish as possible before 1 p.m. At 1 p.m., they met back up to measure the fish and determine the winning team.

Maumee’s principal says it is a great event to add some healthy competition between schools.

“You know the river runs through us and it’s a neat event. The whole Walleye Rive run is a neat event. It brings people in nationwide so it gives our kids a chance to appreciate it and be part of it,” said Maumee Principal Matt Dick.

The winning school receives a trophy as well as bragging rights for the year.